How to be outstanding in audits and continual improvement

A bit about the speaker…

Mick Feather is our Care Business Manager, and lives and breathes all things care-related across Citation. Mick joined us after spending four years as a Care Quality Commission Inspector – during this time, he trained-up 600 CQC inspectors, so you can be certain he knows what he’s talking about.

What inspectors look for

If you’re in the care industry, you’re probably familiar with the CQC by now. But do you know what they’re looking at when they rate and inspect your services?

For those of you that don’t, the five key things they’re looking for are whether you’re: safe, effective, caring, responsive and whether or not you’re well-led.

As a rule, audits and continual improvement fall into the ‘well led’ area, but they’ll cross over into the ‘safety’ element from time-to-time too.

Our top 10 tips

If you’re after an “outstanding” for audits and continual improvement in your next inspection, then don’t go anywhere, because we’ve got 10 top tips for you.

1. When you carry out an audit, make sure you complete it, listen to what it’s telling you and act on anything you’ve learnt from it.

2. Make sure all actions are completed by assigning responsibility to someone, setting a deadline and following it up.

3. Make sure you have a robust overview of the care that’s being provided. If it takes an inspector to plug any gaps for you, odds are your service isn’t outstanding.

4. Make sure that your quality assurance and governance systems are effective and allow you to identify any improvements that need to be made.

5. Learn from any feedback given in complaints and use them to improve the overall quality of your service. Don’t forget to celebrate success, too!

6. Record and monitor any changes that have resulted in service improvements, and ask yourself, what’s the impact been to your employees and the people using your service?

7. Run regular surveys with employees, service users and their relatives. After all, who knows your business better than the people that use it and work there? Don’t just run the survey, make sure you learn from its findings, too.

8. If you’ve not already, think about ISO accreditation. This’ll help to support and maintain a high standard of quality for your business.

9. Measure and review the delivery of your care against current guidance, and ask yourself questions like: are you aware of current best practices and changes in the care sector? And, how do new guidelines and procedures impact the service you provide?

Last but not least…

10. How do people speak about your management? Is it positive? If not, what can you do to change this?

Continual support

Here at Citation, we provide care businesses – like yours – with 24/7 support through our advice line. To find out just how much we could help you, just get in touch.

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