Scottish Care Inspectorate Changes

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The Care Inspectorate in Scotland has announced they are changing the way they inspect care providers, with some changes in place from 1st April and others coming into effect on 1st July 2016.

Their focus will be on targeting services which cause concern and who need support to improve. Services in less need of support, should aim to become a ‘high performing service’.

These high performing services will then only be graded on the compulsory Care & Support theme, plus one other quality theme (environment, staffing or management and leadership).

For services who do not meet the criteria, The Care Inspectorate will continue to inspect those providers on all four of the Quality Themes.

For care providers and nurseries, these changes will have a significant impact on regulatory inspections, quality grades and self-inspections.

As a care provider, the demands on you by the authorities are increasing. You’ll want to be a ‘high performing service’, but with the methodologies changing now, and the standards changing next year, there’s extra pressure. That’s where Citation can help.

Your care provision is scored – work now to get it right and you’ll be audited less frequently, and have the best score possible to demonstrate to your service users and their families.

Be prepared – investing now will allow you to reap the benefits later.

We’re the experts in staffing, management and leadership. Having worked in the care sectors for 20 years, we can support you 24/7 with:

  • National Living Wage
  • Recruitment and retention
  • Dismissal and grievance
  • Probationary and procedures
  • Sickness and absence

To relieve the strain on businesses, Citation has dedicated care and nursery teams who can provide 24/7 support, advice and all the legal documentation that is required by the Care Inspectorate. For more information on our service, call 0345 844 1111 or use the form above to enquire now.

More information about the Care Inspectorate and the changes can be found here.

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