State of elderly care in ‘calamitous decline’

Helping an elderly lady

With over a billion pounds being cut from council social care budgets since 2010, care for the elderly is in “calamitous, quite rapid decline” according to the charity Age UK.

It has been reported that fewer than 9% (850,000 people) of over 65s receive any support from their council compared to a million five years ago. While 500,000 people who struggle to wash themselves do not receive any help.

The chief executive of Age UK said “Hundreds of thousands of people were being left high and dry. The lucky ones have sufficient funds to buy in some support, or can rely on the good will of family, neighbours and friends. But there are many who are left to struggle on entirely alone.”

The government have tried to address these issues by announcing this week that over 50 councils will receive emergency funding to assist in elderly care but the President of Adult Social Services is not impressed with the government spending, claiming it will not “plug the gaps”.

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