CQC set to allow families to film relatives in Care Homes

Nurse with elderly lady

Families concerned that their elderly relatives are being mistreated in care homes will be able to set up covert surveillance in their relative’s rooms.

The CQC is set to release guidance notes concerning this at the end of October, following a spate of care workers being exposed by concerned family members.

The watchdog chief inspector of adult social care explained this decision saying, “We have decided that the best way to proceed is to issue guidance so those providers and relatives who feel the need to do it know what the issues are that they need to take into account.”

However David Ludlow the director of the care-home directory feels this legislation will affect care workers and how they go about their duties “We need to train, support and inspire the next generation of carers, not create a big-brother culture where people are afraid to do this vital job.”

With ongoing changes in how the CQC measure and report on Care Home Standards, it’s vital for all care home owners to have the correct procedures in place. Find out more about the changing CQC Standards.

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