Brexit and your supplier list

As the UK gets closer to leaving the EU, we want to get you prepared for the impact this could...

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Health & Safety Brexit myths busted!

When it comes to Brexit, we’re in unchartered territory. The historic defeat of Theresa May’s deal in Parliament in mid-January...

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45 things you need to know about fire

Fire’s a necessity for modern day society. But it’s also incredibly dangerous. So, to help clue you up on some...

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Nine must-know hazards when using portable electrical appliances in schools

From photocopying lesson resources to lessons in the computer lab, portable electrical appliances are used every day throughout schools nationwide....

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4 safety tips if you’re shutting your business for Christmas

The festive season is nearly here, and it’s also no secret that we all look forward to the time of...

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Health & Safety: 2018 in numbers

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) recently released 2018’s statistics for the state of Health & Safety at work, and...

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Preparing your school for snow and ice

We all remember those days as a child when you would wake up on a morning filled with excitement at...

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Do your Christmas decorations need risk assessing?

Do your Christmas decorations really need risk assessing? You might think it’s Health & Safety gone mad or people are...

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Health & Safety in the news: Timber firm fined for safety breaches

A woodworking firm has been fined thousands of pounds for repeatedly failing to maintain safety guards on its machinery. What...

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