How to handle a toxic termination

Terminating an employee’s employment is never nice. When that process turns toxic though, it can become increasingly taxing. So, to...

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How do you hold a disciplinary hearing?

When it comes to holding disciplinary hearings, following a fair and lawful process is a must. So, to help you...

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8 reasons valued employees leave – and how to keep them

Valued employees are, well, invaluable to your business. From putting in more discretionary effort and caring about your success to...

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How to take effective disciplinary minutes

Emma McGrath, one of our Employment Law Team Managers, has taken an in-depth look at what makes a good set...

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Could your business be more efficient?

Nowadays, almost everything’s online. Fewer people go to supermarkets. Less and less are buying physical books. Online streaming’s taking over...

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Q&A: Union reps and disciplinary hearings

Employees have the right to be accompanied at any disciplinary hearing that could lead to formal action, as well as...

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Making the most of Citation’s HR service

In this presentation, Gillian McAteer, head of our Employment Law Team, talks you through how and when our 24/7 advice...

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What to do if you think an employee’s pulling a sickie

From spotting trends and patterns and knowing what to ask during the return to work interview, to catching employees out on...

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What’s the fine for not issuing contracts of employment?

All employees should be issued with a statement of main terms and conditions within two months of their start date....

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