Chatting business with Nick

07 May 2015

It’s not every day you get a chance to chat business with Nick Hewer. So when a select few of our staff got a chance to talk to our Brand Ambassador during a Q&A they did not pass up the chance to ask him as many questions as they could.

From the hour long Q&A session we have chosen to share the top tips Nick gave our staff;

From your experience what’s the best way to exceed a client’s expectations?

I always thought that the best way to deal with any relationship, be it a business relationship or a personal one, is to never promise too much and always to over deliver. That way you’re a truthful person and you’re seen to be somebody who takes that sort of relationship seriously.

I think when you’re dealing with clients they like to know that you’re really trying for them and that you do better than you promise. I think really, if you can achieve that time and time again you’ll keep the client.

What advice would you give yourself if he started in business now?

Hire people that are better than you, that’s the best way to build a business.
Always look after your people better than you look after yourself.
When business is bad, look after your suppliers too because they’re suffering like you are. I think we always did that.When you ran your own business, what were the biggest challenges you faced on a daily basis?

When you ran your own business, what were the biggest challenges you faced on a daily basis?

It was always satisfying the clients actually. It was doing a good job, and sometimes it’s very difficult to do a good job. Keeping an eye on the margins because we couldn’t afford to lose money.

Also it was to make sure that the staff were happy and we were recruiting the right people. Doing a good job, that was all I was concerned about. That is why we kept our clients for such a long time.

What do you believe are the most important factors in creating a happy and effective workforce?

Happy and effective, those are two different things, aren’t they? Although, if you’ve got an effective workforce that’s happy then that is bingo. I think that a lack of hierarchy is very important because there’s nothing worse than having a very structured hierarchy or uncertainty in the workplace.

I think a happy workplace performs so much better than an unhappy one and, therefore is efficient. I think it comes from the top actually, and if the boss is approachable, is fair, and mixes in, that’s great.


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