New law changes for the use of mobile phones in vehicles

A mobile phone is now an essential piece of work equipment and as such we all need to recognise how...

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We rent our premises, what is our responsibility for a fire risk assessment?

We get asked many questions by business owners at our events, this week we were asked: Q: We rent our...

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How often do you train your fire marshals?

We hold business briefings all over the country each week, this week we were asked… Q: How often should I...

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How does HR and Health & Safety management affect your CQC inspection?

The 5 Fundamental Standards and their Key Lines of Enquiry, are set out by the CQC to assess services against...

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3 easy steps to profitable Health & Safety

Great Health & Safety management isn’t just about staying compliant and passing inspections – it can help boost your profits...

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Taking a closer look at COSHH

This summer, there was an unlikely star attraction at the Rio Olympics – the now-infamous “green pool”. At the beginning...

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Young Persons at work – 5 ways to reduce risk of harm

At a time of the year when many young people will be entering work for the first time, either as...

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Socket inserts to be removed by December 2016

The NHS has released new requirements to remove socket inserts from electrical sockets. The requirements state: “In certain circumstances, the...

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What if there was a shark in the swimming pool?

Granted, it’s not your everyday workplace situation, but actually it helps to bring the concept of a risk assessment to...

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