How to support employees when a tragic event strikes

It’s with great sadness that the UK’s been hit with more tragedies than imaginable recently. While they’re something no-one would...

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10 stages of a solid fire evacuation plan

Although we hope you never need it, a well-structured, communicated and documented fire evacuation plan is an important part of...

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Health & Safety regulations when working with computers

If you’ve employees who regularly use computers as part of their job, you’re obliged to comply with the Health and...

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Working at height – your responsibilities as an employer

If you’re in an industry where your employees may be working at height, it’s important to know your responsibilities –...

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How often should I do a risk assessment?

A risk assessment is a legal requirement for all businesses. And if your business employees five or more people, you’re...

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Many employers skipping their legal duties

A recent survey has revealed that many employers are falling foul when it comes to providing employees with sufficient occupational...

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10 traits that make for a terrible tender

The world of tendering for work can be tricky, time-consuming and tedious. For many businesses though, tenders are the backbone...

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Is Sick Building Syndrome affecting your workforce?

Sick Building Syndrome is a term used when employees show signs of sickness – a headache, dry throat or sore...

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How to prepare a business continuity plan

A business continuity plan is a strategy that forecasts commercial or financial business risks, and puts measures in place that’ll...

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