£4,000 Health & Safety fine for Unsafe Ladders

Ladder standards

A Lancashire business has been fined £4,000 after one of its employees fell from a ladder whilst at work and broke his back. After an inspection from the HSE, the ladder was found to have missing feet on both sides as well as having a damaged bottom rung.

Health & Safety accidents in the workplace, particularly falls from height are common and often result in serious injuries.

Most businesses will have ladders on the premises. They may be used for activities including retrieving stock from store rooms, undertaking outside building maintenance to decorating the office over the Christmas period.

Employers may think they are doing everything to prevent falls from a height, but have they taken all the necessary steps to manage the risks and avoid such accidents and associated fines.

Alastair Hall, Head of Health and Safety at Citation, said “Falls from height are one of the biggest reason for serious and fatal injuries in the workplace each year. Appropriate risk assessments must be undertaken by employers for employees who are working from height. Failure of the employer to implement the necessary safety measures, training and provide safe equipment can be fatal and employers need to know their responsibilities”

Citation provide all the necessary documentation, updates and support to ensure its clients are aware of their responsibility when it comes to employees who are working from height. Citation clients have access to a 24/7 helpline where they can receive advice on any aspect of the regulations for working from height.

Citation’s compliance solutions in {ln:em:health & safety} and {ln:em:employment law} provide SMEs with 24/7 advice and ongoing support to deal with situations like these enabling employers to easily demonstrate they have followed the necessary procedures.

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