8 things you need to do to be Health & Safety savvy

Health & Safety savviness

Health & Safety. Love it or hate it, it’s got to be adhered to. And if you don’t? Well, you can expect a first-class ticket to enforcement-ville.

How would you rate your Health & Safety savviness? Test yourself with our list of eight things you need to know.

  1. Every man for himself

Do your employees know what to do in the event of a fire? Or is it a free for all? And when was the last time you had a fire drill? Was it in the last six months?

  1. Where do the butts go?

If employees are permitted to smoke on-site, you’re required to have a separate bin to dispose of cigarette butts and a designated area for smokers to go – far enough away from the building for safety.

  1. How well do you know your alarms?

When did you last test your alarms? Things like your fire alarm, smoke detector, fire escape door(s), escape routes and exit signs should be checked and tested – regularly.

  1. Are you gas savvy?

When did you last check your gas appliances? Have they been serviced by Gas Safety Registered people? Do you know what the signs of a faulty gas appliance even are?

  1. Can you hear us?

If your employees are forced to shout to hear one another from one metre away, you’re probably above the recommended maximum noise level. For those industries where loud noise is unavoidable, like construction, for example, ear muffs and plugs must be provided, regularly checked and operatives must be trained in how to use them.

  1. Are your cables cared for?

Make sure your cables are in good nick and carefully stowed in places that don’t pose trip hazards. Also, check to see if any coiled cables are a fire hazard.

  1. How stressed are your staff?

Are you aware of your employees’ stress levels? Have you introduced the HSE’s Stress Management Standards? Did you just answer no and no?

  1. Paperwork, paperwork and more paperwork

You’ve done every check and test in the rule book, but have you documented them? We know paperwork can be a pain, but it’s important when it comes to proving you’re up to date with all relevant training, tests, checks and audits.

While we’re on the subject of paperwork, Citation clients benefit from easy-to-manage, digital storage of their Health & Safety documents, thanks to our online platform Atlas. Just saying…

What now?

If you’re worried your business isn’t prepared for an unexpected Health & Safety check, or you just want to have a chat about it, our experts are on hand Monday to Friday, 9.30am to 5pm – drop us a line for a friendly chat.

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