Construction sector targeted by the HSE

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Last year the HSE were forced to stop and close down sites due to poor health and safety practice on site. 2014 sites and 2414 contractors were visited, of those 350 sites were issued notices to stop work immediately and the sites closed down for work. Much of this was related to working from a height.

The main areas the inspectors will be checking include:

  • Jobs that involve working at a height. The work should be properly planned and appropriate precautionary measures are put in place
  • The proper installation, assembly and storage of equipment
  • Construction sites should be well maintained and organised to minimise the risk of a fall and trip
  • The walkways and stairs must be free from clutter and obstructions.

This is the fifth year the HSE will be undertaking the inspection and are likely to see a range of both good and bad work practices. In the past they have come across extremes of situations – those who take care of all measures to protect their workers and the opposite end of the spectrum, where safety is not high on the priority. The HSE have stated they will not hesitate to close down sites where a lax attitude is taken to health and safety on a dangerous site.

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