Could your business be more efficient?

Why manage compliance online

Nowadays, almost everything’s online. Fewer people go to supermarkets. Less and less are buying physical books. Online streaming’s taking over hardcopy DVDs. And there’s rarely a need to go to an actual bank. So why should your compliance be any different?

If you’re constantly rifling through a mixture of spreadsheets, Word documents and scribbled down notes, then perhaps today’s the day you change your approach – and we’re about to show you why.

1. Always up-to-date

By managing your compliance online, you can easily access real-time reports so that you’re never a beat behind. Whether it’s employee absence, task management or training progress – and everything in between, you’ll have instant visibility at your fingertips.

2. Total freedom

The problem with relying on documents that are stored here, there and everywhere, is that you’re relying on being able to access them. But with online management, it doesn’t matter where you are. From any location, on any device, and at any time, you can quickly login and see your business’ compliance status.

3. End-to-end efficiency

Chasing employees on where they’re up to with a certain task takes time. Following a long-winded process to log a lateness takes time. Manually tracking training records takes time. Starting risk assessments from scratch takes time. It all takes time. But it doesn’t have to.

With online compliance management, you’ll have a head start with it all. You’ll have 100s of tools, templates and factsheets at your disposal. And better yet, you’ll have unrestricted access to it all.

4. Save the planet

With digital compliance, there’s no need for paper. Everything can be viewed, signed, distributed and stored in one, secure, online place, so you’ll be doing your bit to save the planet – what’s not to like?

5. Cut down on comms

One of the biggest bugbears for most businesses is the constant (and often confusing!) email chains, unnecessary meetings and those stop-you-in-your-flow kind of phone calls. But, you guessed it, taking your compliance management online puts an end to all of that.

You’ll have digital audit trails for everything from who’s successfully completed their Health & Safety training and who’s got a holiday coming up, to who’s signed their new starter documents and who’s been assigned a certain task – and a whole load more, too.

6. Back-up

Every business’ worst nightmare is for a glitch in their system to wipe out all their important documents. But, surprise, surprise, online compliance management rids you of that worry.

You’ll have peace of mind that all your essential Health & Safety and HR & Employment Law documents are backed up in a simple and secure online vault.

7. Training

When it comes to employee training, where would you normally go for support? Would you, or have you, fallen into the trap of paying over the odds for external help?

It might be too late to recoup the money you’ve already shelled out, but it’s not too late to tackle training the easy and cost-effective way moving forwards. With everything from GDPR, bullying and tribunals, to risk assessments, first aid and fire marshal training, any decent online management system (spoiler, like ours!) will have it all.

Want to make your business more efficient?

With our online management platform, Atlas, you can have everything we’ve listed and more.

For a closer look at what Atlas has to offer, head here. And to book your free demo today, get in touch with our dedicated Atlas Support Team on 0161 413 0126 or

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