HSE begins Construction Site Clampdown

Men in highvis and hardhats

The HSE has announced this week that they’ll be carrying out a “two week drive” that focuses on “unannounced visits across the country, focussing on ill health on construction sites”.

With a focus on dust control, hazardous substances, manual handling, noise control and the use of vibration tools, this is an opportunity for the HSE to identify poorly managed sites. Where a material breach of health and safety legislation is identified they will intervene and Fees for Intervention (FFI) will be applied. They may also exercise their powers and issue enforcement notices.

This particular focus on construction sites is reported to be a drive to reduce worker exposure to serious Health risks, which is often overlooked by employers, especially when they’re not present on site every day.

Alastair Hall, Head of Health and Safety at Citation Professional Solutions, reminds businesses of their legal obligations to support and protect workers from the serious health risks on site:

“With Fees for Intervention being in place, health and safety failures identified by the HSE inspectors visit will result in a costly outcome. It’s important for those in the Construction industry to be proactive when it comes to Health & Safety – often it’s relatively simple steps and procedures that will protect the employee’s health and the business reputation and bottom line”.

Simple Health & Safety procedures, such as conducting Risk Assessments at regular intervals and ensuring that suitable and sufficient control measures are in place can be the difference between FFI and no FFI following a HSE inspectors visit.

Citation Professional Solutions has almost 20 years experience in providing actionable Health & Safety support to construction businesses – for more information on how Citation can help you avoid the costs of Fees for Intervention, and remain compliant with all HSE legislation, get in touch today .

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