HSE inspects 300 schools in 3 years

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The HSE have inspected just under 300 schools in the last 3 years as they look to clamp down on Health & Safety failings within the sector.

The findings so far have made worrying reading, with 293 schools investigated and over 100 of them being handed enforcement notices. These are handed out to schools or councils as an urgent remainder to address their Health & Safety issues.

Fines have totalled £410,215 due to failings which have ranged from children losing their fingers in doors, to issues with asbestos.

Frances Pickworth, a researcher who specialises in Health & Safety for an education support advisor feels that schools need clear guidance when it comes to correct Health & Safety practices,

“There are so many pitfalls for schools. They are dealing with so many different aspects, and there’s no clear list of what’s statutory and what’s simply good practice.

“Schools have a duty of care towards pupils, but this is not always easy to define and it is often unclear how far it extends.”

– See more at: https://www.citation.co.uk/news/hse-inspects-300-schools-in-3-years#sthash.qpThm4yj.dpuf

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