Motorists driving up the M67 the wrong way cause huge Health & Safety issues

Wagon on a road

The Highway Agency has condemned motorists who drove the wrong way up the M67 to avoid long traffic jams, following a three car collision at a roundabout near Denton.

Motorists were caught on camera manoeuvring their cars round to exit the M67 via an entry slip-road. Eventually traffic officers halted drivers going the wrong way by forming a block on the aforementioned slip road.

A spokesman for the Highway Agency commented; “We certainly wouldn’t recommend for people to drive the wrong way down a road irrespective of whether it is closed or not.”

“If somebody turns and drives the wrong way down the road and has a secondary accident that means we then have to deal with that too and the road is closed for longer for everybody else.”

Eventually the road was re-opened three hours after the initial incident took place. Any drivers seen on camera driving the wrong way up the slip road can expect a fine and three penalty points on their license.

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