Pancake Day at Work

Are you going to celebrate Pancake Day in the workplace?

We get that not every business can take the time to make some pancakes, and it may seem trivial, but it’s also a cheap and cheerful way of keeping your employees engaged.
An hour or so spent decorating (or even just eating) pancakes can bring employees from different departments together, encourage discussion and generally create a good feeling in the workplace.

So, if you are going to do a pancake day, don’t flip out – here’s our top tips on how to keep everyone sweet!

  1. Keep in mind the basic Health & Safety rules around food – tidy and clean surroundings, appropriate storage etc.
  2. If you’re going to allow cooking, make sure all appliances have been safety checked and that there’s someone in overall charge of making sure everything is used in the correct manner (and turned off when not in use).
  3. Bear in mind allergies – especially around toppings like nuts
  4. Don’t forget about the people who can’t attend – if they’re working day doesn’t allow them to take the time away to join in. Keep them involved where possible – perhaps they’re the tasters of the creations?

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