Socket inserts to be removed by December 2016

The NHS has released new requirements to remove socket inserts from electrical sockets. The requirements state:

“In certain circumstances, the use of plastic 13A electrical socket inserts (sold as safety accessories), can overcome the safety features designed into socket outlets.

  • 13A electrical socket inserts should not be used in health or social premises, nor supplied for use in a home or residence
  • Any socket inserts currently in use should be withdrawn and responsibly disposed of.”

Current wiring and socket manufacturing regulations require socket outlets to have shutter locking mechanisms fitted to stop contamination entering the socket tubes.

Unfortunately socket inserts on the market do not meet any electrical or other safety standard and can damage the safety design of the socket or can introduce contamination into the live parts of sockets which could then result in an electric shock.

The NHS require all socket covers to be removed by December 2016.

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