Do I have to give employees redundancy pay?

Whether you have to give an employee redundancy pay will depend on a number of factors. For an employee to...

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Recruiting foreign workers: your responsibilities

From following a fair recruitment process, conducting comprehensive checks, contracts of employment, calculating pay, and steering clear of hefty fines,...

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10 lame excuses for not paying the National Minimum Wage

Thought you could get away with not paying employees the National Minimum Wage? You thought wrong. All employers must pay...

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Regular voluntary overtime should be included in holiday pay

The Employment Appeal Tribunal (EAT) has ruled that employers should include payments and allowances received for regular voluntary overtime when...

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Government acts to alleviate pressure on care providers

The care sector has been facing unprecedented pressures over recent years, compounded by a series of tribunal decisions that’s found...

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Employment tribunal fees scrapped

In a landmark ruling, the Supreme Court has found that the current system of employment tribunal fees prevents access to...

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Parental bereavement pay and leave to be introduced?

Employers could soon be under a statutory obligation to provide paid leave for grieving parents. The entitlement – contained in...

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What to do if an employee walks out of work without serving notice

Let’s set the scene. You’ve got an employee who hands in their notice one afternoon – in writing – and...

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The Taylor Review: key takeaways

The government’s review of employment practices was released yesterday, and in it was a strong focus around the gig economy,...

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