14 tips to ensure your employees feel valued

How to value employees

We recently revealed that much of the working population don’t feel valued in their job.

Last week we took a look at what can cause employees to feel unappreciated, and this week we’re back to give you some quick tips to ensure your employees don’t go home feeling devalued.

1. Relate to them

Be on their level. After all, who wants an employer who acts like they’re above everyone else? You’re only as good as your team – remember that.

2. Show a genuine interest

If they’ve competed in an event over the weekend, ask them how it went. If their other half is poorly, ask them how they’re doing. If they’re looking down in the dumps, ask them if they’re okay. It really is the small things that matter sometimes.

3. Make allowances

This doesn’t mean you need to break your back doing it, but be reasonable and honest with the allowances you make. For example, if an employee’s child is ill, is it practicable for them to work from home? Or if there’s a school play, could they take an early finish and make the hours up another day?

4. Provide perks

They needn’t be extreme. Something as simple as birthday lunches, getting their birthday off (paid!), fruit bowls or running clubs would do.

5. Be transparent

If you say you’re going to do something, do it. Don’t fill employees with false hope in a bid to just please them at the time. This will only result in them seeing you as someone who doesn’t stick to their word, which could skew their view of you.

6. Let them make decisions

Empower them. Let them know you trust them and that their opinion matters. We get that employees can’t have the final say on every decision, but get them involved as and where you can.

7. Gestures of goodwill

If it’s been a particularly taxing week, bring in a box of biscuits for the team. If they’re swamped in work to meet a deadline, offer to make them a cuppa. If they’ve gone above and beyond, reward them with an early finish. There’s all sorts you can do to sprinkle a bit of appreciation into the working day.

8. Thank you

It’s amazing how far those two little words can go. People will never tire of hearing them, and it’s the easiest thing to do. Even if it’s the smallest of jobs, don’t shy away from saying it!

9. Praise them

Whether we admit it or not, everyone loves being praised from time to time. Not everyone’s confident blowing their own trumpet, so do it for them! It’ll give employees a real sense of achievement and esteem, and show others that hard work doesn’t go un-noticed.

10. Ask for feedback

This’ll show them that you care about how they view both you and the business, and that you’re keen to continue improving too. Make sure you actually listen and learn from their feedback though – ignoring their input will have the opposite effect.

11. Ask for ideas

This is beneficial for both parties. You’ll benefit from more input and creativity, and your employees will feel more encompassed with your business’ processes. Team brainstorming sessions or away days to be creative could be ways to instigate this.

12. Keep them informed

We understand that some information is confidential, but try to keep your employees up-to-date with top line plans and targets. After all, no-one likes to hear about things that’ll impact them through the grapevine – that’s where devaluation and gossip can start.

You could consider setting up periodic or ad-hoc business briefings or team meetings to bridge this gap.

13. Learning opportunities

Stagnation isn’t good for employees’ progression, esteem or productivity. Whether it’s skills you can teach them yourself, development around the business or external events, webinars or meet-ups, give them ample opportunity to widen their skillset.

14. Paying the market rate

To be clear from the off, we’re not suggesting that salaries will solve all your problems. But if you’re not paying employees the market rate, they might start to wonder why.

We follow our own advice

Here at Citation, we practice what we preach, which is why we’ve featured in the UK’s Top 100 Best Companies to Work For by The Sunday Times for the last three years in a row.

With everything from team and business-wide events, to regular reviews and employee perks, we work hard to ensure every single person feels valued and engaged.

For a hand implementing this approach within your business, get in touch with our HR & Employment Law experts on 0345 844 1111 or hello@citation.co.uk.

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