Braced for Brexit? The roadmap you need

EU flag and Union Jack

Braced for Brexit? The roadmap you need

It’s the word on everyone’s lips – and we mean everyone. That’s right, we’re now only a matter of months away from… Brexit.

The UK is set to become the first country in history to leave the EU and it seems that the news can talk of little else. From political wrangling to stockpiling food – the speculations and potential consequences are anticipated to spread far and wide.

Now, we wouldn’t blame you if you were suffering from more than a bit of Brexit boredom; how many times can a news reader possibly say the same word? But, have you taken the time to consider the possible impact Brexit will have on your business?

A report released by the British Chamber of Commerce earlier this year revealed that up to 62% of small-to-medium businesses haven’t done a risk assessment to safeguard themselves against Brexit. Furthermore, 20% of companies in Britain are considering moving part or all of their business to Europe so they can maintain trading continuity.

From the status of EU national employees to shifting and changing Health & Safety legislation, there’s a lot of noise and a fair deal of uncertainty surrounding Brexit, especially when it comes to core business competency areas like HR and Health & Safety.

If just thinking about it makes you dizzy, don’t worry. In the lead up to the big day we’re going to be taking a selection of Brexit questions and putting our team of Citation experts on the case to answer them for you.

It’s our aim to cut through all the noise and scaremongering and get right to the heart of what you and your business need to do to safeguard yourself against any Brexit fallout.

Cutting through the confusion

Whatever your questions about what Brexit means for you and your business, keep an eye out for our next series of articles and guides, all designed to help you cut through the confusion and prepare your business.

If you’d like the advice of one of our industry-leading experts on managing uncertainty in the face of Brexit, fill your details in the form above and we’ll be in touch.




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