CBI Northern Ireland responds to employment law review


The CBI’s key recommendations for reform are as follows:

  • All claims to go to the LRA before going to tribunal.
  • Increase the unfair dismissal qualifying period to two years in line with GB.
  • Merge, simplify or scrap 40% of employment related Regulations.
  • Introduce fees for lodging a tribunal claim.
  • Make ‘compromise agreements’ easier to use.
  • Introduce a Rapid Resolution scheme for low value, straightforward claims.
  • Reform industrial tribunals to create an easy, accessible, speedy, informal and inexpensive system.
  • Introduce ‘protected conversations’ for retirement.
  • Simplify the Code of Practice on Discipline and Grievance.
  • Reform the working time legislation.
  • Review the Agency Worker Regulations.
  • Cap awards and costs in discrimination cases.
  • Call for evidence on the need to reform collective redundancy consultation periods.
  • Increase clarity around the TUPE regulations.
  • Explore how the current sickness absence system could be changed to help people stay in work.

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