David Cameron pledges to cut red tape for smaller businesses

Mr Cameron added that he wishes to “get out the way of small business success.”

The Prime Ministers government would be the first in history to complete a term in office with less regulation on the statue books than when it came into power.

Part of the governments “clear long-term economic plan” is to cut the deficit, reduce taxes and freeze fuel duty, he added.

Some of the tactics which the government is implementing to support small business include reducing red tape cutting business rates and scrapping the jobs tax from April 2015, said Mr Cameron.

The Prime Minister gave an example of some of the regulations which he thought should be scrapped saying “If you want to sell oven cleaner in this country you need to have a poison license.”

The government refers to the plans to cut rules affecting small businesses as the “Red Tape Challenge” and other reforms which are part of this include:

  • Reducing food labelling regulations from 30 to 17
  • Dropping or improving 142 road transport regulations.
  • Reducing 100 “overlapping and confusing” house-building standards which apply to new homes to less than 10.
  • Removing “at least one million self-employed” from health and safety regulations as well as 100,000 “low-risk businesses.”
  • Dropping or improving 48 out of 83 aviation regulations

Even with these cuts, small businesses should remain vigilant with regards to the regulations that still have to be adhered to. Citation can help with all regulation compliance – get in touch for more information.

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