Employee Motivation Day

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Last year, Argos for Business introduced National Employee Motivation Day, a day designed to help promote appreciation of employees in the UK workforce.

They believed that there should be a day dedicated to the hard work and contributions of everyone within a business. Thursday 25th February marks the second time businesses have had the opportunity to celebrate it.

Why celebrate Employee Motivation Day

It might seem trivial, but marking the occasion can be can be an easy way of boosting morale and can help encourage your workforce to go that extra mile. This helps inspire a long-term commitment

Who can participate?

Employers and employees can both get involved to mark the occasion, by helping demonstrate recognition of the hard work, commitment and dedication.

How do I keep motivation levels high?

Motivation sometimes can seem to prove difficult. Here are some top tips to keep staff moral levels high

  1. Training – Offering training to employees will help them develop and bring additional skills and knowledge to the business that they are then able to share with their fellow colleagues.
  2. Goals – Providing employees with clear, realistic goals gives them something to both focus on and aim for. Working with your employees to break down tasks can help improve motivation and provide the support and encouragement to see the task through.
  3. Team Building Activities – These can range from working together on community projects, a Friday morning quiz or a mid-week lunch. These activities help to improve communication between team members and develop new skills as they naturally engage with each other to complete task and solve problems.
  4. Empower your employees – It’s important to recognise when members of your workforce are ready to take their role in the business to the next step. Supporting them by giving them fresh responsibility will help to invigorate and inspire them to rise to new challenges.

At Citation, we believe that motivation and acknowledgement should not be limited to one day of the year. Both employers and employees should be continually motivating and supporting each other throughout the year and Employee Motivation Day is a great place to start!

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