EU – How will the outcome impact your business?

EU flag and Union Jack

Regardless of how you vote this June, you’ll be looking carefully at how the impact which either outcome may have on your business.

According to a recent poll by business association CBI, 80% of members believe being part of the EU is best for their business whilst 77% said it was better for the UK economy as whole.
With 3 months to go before the British public cast their vote, more research is being carried out about the possible effects of either decision. A report by credit agency Moody’s has stated that the “…negative economic impact of Brexit would be relatively small”.

With numerous legislative directions hailing from European rulings, many businesses are watching closely to understand how either ruling may affect their processes and procedures. So, whether Britain chooses to stay in Europe or not in the fast approaching referendum, it’s important for businesses to review their current processes to understand how their industry might be affected by either result.

It’s essential for businesses to have a clear picture of their processes, responsibilities and legislative compliance documentation. From simple online tools to specific industry knowledge, Citation is perfectly positioned to support you and your business.

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