Grumpiest Week of the Year for Britain’s Employees

Coming back to work after the festive season and adjusting back to the rat race can be difficult; but for some of us, the trauma of returning to our jobs may not leave us in the best of moods.

A real-time search for the quote “I hate my job” on Google produces a wealth of Twitter updates from disgruntled workers using social media to vent their employment woes.

The first few working days after the Christmas and New Year holidays are revealed as the peak of employee discontent with their working environment, with a noticeable increase in occurrences of the phrase during these opening days of 2011.

Is there anything that can be done to improve employee morale during the “grumpiest week of the year”, and ensure that the overall productivity of the business is not affected?

Andrea O’Hare, Head of Personnel and Employment Law at Citation commented “Many businesses have decided to give the Royal Wedding on Friday 29th April 2011 as an additional bank holiday to employees. Announcing this to employees in January may boost morale leading to enhanced productivity. The legal position is that there is no obligation on employers to give this bank holiday.”

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