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Employment laws protect job applicants as well as employees from possible discrimination and so a) in order to hire the best candidate and b) ensure that your business doesn’t end up having to defend its recruitment application process, we need to ask questions that will give us the best insight into the candidates personality, ambition, resilience, experience and commitment.

We would recommend the following recruitment tips:

  • Write a job description for each role you advertise that confirms hours of work, role, remuneration and necessary skills and experience
  • Use an interview matrix for each candidate, keep it on file for a year post interview
  • Complete this matrix during the interview and rate the candidate immediately after the interview whilst the details are fresh in your memory
  • Where business needs allow, interview in a panel with two or more interviewers to allow you to discuss areas to probe, concerns and points you liked about the candidate.

Do you need support with your recruitment process?

Recruitment is a hot topic at our nationwide roadshow of events. To find the next event in your area, visit our events page today.

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