New Government-New Legislations?

Now the dust has settled on one of the most surprising general elections in recent years, we look at whether a majority Conservative government will make changes to Employment Law legislation.

Here are 4 issues that the Conservatives are looking to address early in their tenure;

Minimum Wage

From October 2015 the minimum wage will rise to £6.70 an hour, they have also promised to raise the minimum wage to £8 by 2020.

Personal tax-free allowance will also be raised to £12,500.

Zero Hour Contracts

The Conservatives are expected to ban exclusivity clauses in zero-hour contracts. This will mean that employees will be able to work elsewhere if they have no scheduled work from their employers.

Tribunal Fees

The current tribunal fee system will be kept in place. Other parties such as Labour pledged to scrap fees for employment tribunals.


Companies will be made to publish the difference in average pay between their male and female employees. This is being done to ensure gender equality.


The Conservatives main pledge during their election campaign was to increase employment throughout the UK, so further changes can be expected to assist business owners.

Only time will tell!

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