New plans announced to expose minimum wage cheats


In 2012/13, 736 employers were identified by HMRC as failing to pay the statutory minimum wage, leading to the recovery of £3.9m in unpaid wages for 26,500 workers, an average of just under £150 for each worker.

Under the current ‘naming’ scheme, employers have to owe at least £2,000 to workers, at an average of £500 each, before being referred by HM Revenue and Customs for ‘naming and shaming’. Only one person, Leicester based hair and beauty salon owner Mrs Rita Patel, has ever been ‘named’ under the current scheme for failing to pay £3,361.22 in arrears of the NMW to a former worker, but under the revised scheme any employer that has been issued with a Notice of Underpayment by HMRC can be named.

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