Shared Parental Leave – An Update

Are you up to date on the new legislation round shared parental leave? Here’s our round-up on the facts you need to know.

  • The new legislation surrounding shared parental leave comes in on December 1st, and will apply to those with babies who are due or adopted from 5th April 2015 onwards.
  • New mothers will still be expected to take the first two weeks of childbirth off.
  • The changes mean that couples within the UK can now divide the traditional maternity leave entitlement (50 weeks leave and 37 weeks pay). The time can be taken together, apart, or partially overlap.
  • Pay volumes or levels are not impacted – instead, the statutory maternity pay will be transferred to shared parental leave.
  • There are basic requirements that both parents must meet to qualify, including at least 26 weeks continual employment at the relevant date.

If you’re a Citation client and need more advice, please get in touch with the Advice Line. If you’re an employer and not currently a Citation client, get in touch to discuss options for HR and staff support.

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