Teachers strike causes a knock on effect for UK business.


Employers should encourage employees to think ahead and to be proactive about looking at alternative childcare arrangements including asking relatives, friends or nurseries to care for children if schools close.

Andrea O’Hare, Head of Personnel & Employment Law, at Citation Employment Law specialists said “Employers could also consider allowing employees to take their holiday entitlement, look at the possibility of the employee working from home or agreeing time off that can be worked back at a later date”.

Ultimately, if none of the above applies, then employees have a legal right to take a reasonable amount of unpaid time off to cope with an emergency involving a dependent.

Citation’s Employment Law Consultants and 24/7 Helpline advisors support clients throughout any Employment Law process, providing advice and guidance at all stages. If you are worried that your business is not properly conforming to current employment law, then a Citation employment law Consultant can help. 

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