The Apprentice- The one with the interviews

Last night’s episode of The Apprentice is always one of the most anticipated of the series. Seeing Lord Sugar’s trusted advisors find holes in the contestants CVs is not just entertaining, but also makes us all feel slightly better about past job interviews that may have gone array.

Last night was no exception, with candidates squirming in their chairs trying to dig themselves out of a hole. However, one interview stood out above the rest; Claude interviewing Solomon.

Claude appeared to get extremely angry at a business plan he deemed completely unacceptable and refused to even interview Solomon. As entertaining as this was, was it such a sensible idea from an Employment Law stand point?

To invite Solomon in for an interview and then send him away without even interviewing could lead to a claim of discrimination. Claude had seen his documents before and still chose to interview him, so the only thing that changed was seeing Solomon in the flesh.

This could raise some interesting questions, i.e. did Claude really send him away because of his age or ethnicity? There is no way to prove that Claude has not turned him away for such reasons so this could cause issues if brought to a tribunal.

We’re really enjoying how The Apprentice brings real business matters in to the public view – and now we’re wondering – would all UK businesses stand up to such scrutiny?

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