The EU Referendum: Considerations for your business

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Since the ‘Leave’ result of the EU Referendum on the 23rd July, business owners and employers have been watching closely to see what changes they need to make. 

Our experts have already put together some commentary – you can view these articles below:

We know employers have concerns around a number of issues, including EU nationals, recruitment, redundancies and the impact on morale and employee engagement. However, we’re here to lend some reassurance amongst the uncertainty.

What happens now?

In both Health & Safety and Employment Law, it’s important to highlight that, right now nothing has changed to legislation or regulations. However, what is unclear, is when they might. A significant body of legislation derives from the EU so the government will have a lot to consider when approaching any amends or changes.

Whilst we wait for further news there are a number of actions you can take within your business to help prevent and minimise confusion and whilst preparing your company for upcoming changes you may need to make.


Your business may not be affected by the outcome of the vote, however, your employees and their families might. Your employees may be concerned about job security, changes in work benefits, like childcare entitlement, tax or pensions. Leading your company through this uncertainty with communication and clarity about how your business will move forward in the coming days and weeks. It is important to manage these communications sensitively and clearly.

Recruitment & Redundancies

Many businesses may now be reviewing their forecasts and plans on whether they grow or reduce their teams.

Will you need to consider increasing or decreasing your workforce? Put the groundwork in play now. Review your recruitment policies and ensure they’re in line with the values you want your company to represent

If you think you may need to cut total working hours – what can you do now to minimise the impact? Job share, or some additional training to upskill workers in more areas could reduce the need to look at redundancies.

Morale & Teamwork

In the days running up to and following the referendum, it has been clear that this is a highly emotive and important topic that may well be the top of conversation in the canteen. This is where communication and clarity can help minimise issues arising. Bullying and Harassment policies should be built into handbooks and can be an effective mechanism in ensuring your workforce abide with your guidelines and policies.

If you have any questions surrounding the issues raised above or would like help or advice on managing Health & Safety and Employment Law moving forward, please call our expert team on 0345 844 1111.

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