Tips for Employers for Holiday and Annual Leave Requests

Managing annual leave over the summer months can be one of the biggest headaches facing employers; whilst it’s understood that annual leave has to be granted in line with employee contracts, it’s vital to have systems in place to maintain work productivity and service levels.

Here are our top tips for managing annual leave:

  1. Prepare – Put in place clear company guidelines that everyone in the company understands. It’s common to see a first come, first serve basis when it comes to booking annual leave.
  2. Share – Set up a virtual calendar that all staff will have access to. This will help everyone within the business know who has leave on which days. This will allow you as an employer to plan and delegate work to employers who are not on annual leave.
  3. Collaborate – Ensure staff that are not on leave have access to the required documents and contact information to continue the work their colleagues on leave have started.
  4. Communicate – Develop procedures and policies for managing people and tasks. Set up email alerts, schedule shared meetings and appointments, so that assignments are completed on time and to the highest possible standard.

If you are struggling with Annual Leave or any other issues related to Human Resources get in touch today to find out how Citation can provide support.

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