Health & Safety concerns facing nurseries

Health & Safety in Nursries

According to our latest survey of nurseries, the top 5 Health & Safety issues facing childcare providers are:

  1. Workplace Health, Safety and Workfare
  2. Risk Assessments
  3. First Aid
  4. Fire Safety
  5. Food Hygiene


Whilst the confidence in dealing with Safeguarding issues was relatively high, at 87%, over 10% of respondents admitted they did not even have a Safeguarding policy in place.

Time well spent?

Our research has shown that over 30% of respondents spend more than 3 hours a week addressing Health & Safety tasks, while 10% spend more than 5 hours a week.

With 20% of respondents admitting they have no support in place at all for Health & Safety, could outsourcing their Health & Safety responsibilities save them both time and money?

The NDNA‘s Annual Survey 2015 has shown that although two thirds of nurseries have been inspected by Ofsted since 2012 only 24% have been rated ‘Outstanding’, while 11% require improvement.

This highlights that although nursery owners are putting in a considerable amount of time and effort, their lack of experience in Health & Safety procedures and legislation is hampering their ratings.

And with 85% of nurseries considering raising their fees in 2015, improved ratings will give any nursery a competitive advantage over their competition.

Here at Citation we have a range of expert consultants that can help your Nursery with all aspects of Health & Safety, and having been a partner with the NDNA for many years we understand the issues that you may face in your sector.

So, if you are a nursery owner and feel you are spending too long on Health & Safety, or you are looking to improve your Ofsted rating, get in touch now and find out how we can help improve your business.


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