On-Site Service – Referral Terms and Conditions

The below payment scheme and terms are applicable for any On-Site sales submitted via the Service Form from Monday 3rd March 2020.

Total Revenue* Payment Value
Up to £800£25
£801 to £1800£50
£1801 to £2700£100
£2701 to £3600£150
£3601 to £4500£200
Over £4500£250

*Payment calculated on total revenue of sale in a single client agreement

On-Site Service Form Terms and Conditions

  1. These terms are additional to the standard Colleague Rewards Terms & Conditions published on Citation Hub.
  2. Terms are applicable to Service colleagues, for avoidance of doubt this is colleagues in Employment Law and HR (Field or Advice team), Tribunals, On-Site Team and Health & Safety colleagues (Field or Advice team) only.
  3. Only referrals submitted via the “service form” direct to Sales Support, whereby client has agreed to purchase the on-site service will be eligible for payment at the enhanced rate (colleague reward form submissions at lower rate (see Hub for current payment value).
  4. Eligible colleagues are automatically bound by these additional terms. Colleagues can opt-out of these additional terms by opting out of the bread card / colleague reward scheme in total or by not using the Service from to submit referrals.
  5. These additional terms and / or associated payment scheme can be amended with 7 days’ notice.
  6. Cancellations: Once the client has signed the agreement it cannot be cancelled. Payments will be made after the client has signed the agreement, with the exception of the crisis products where cancellation may be relevant (Crisis products: On-Site HR Grievance, Disciplinary, Investigation, Mediation). For crisis products, sales payment will be made once the service has been delivered. If a cancellation is requested for a non-crisis product it must be submitted and authorised by CAB and payments to Bread Card or virtual Bread Card account may be subject to clawback (clause 7).
  7. Clawback – Citation reserve the right to reverse payments or clawback payments if a cancellation is authorised based on revenue not being realised. Should this arise the individual will be notified in writing of the clawback or reversal prior to the action being taken.


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