26 Jan 2022
By Michael Brown

Health & Safety: consulting and engaging with your employees

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Health & Safety: consulting and engaging with your employees

Please note: this episode was recorded on 26 January 2022. All information was correct at time of recording.

The Health & Safety Executive highlighted a total of 142 workers were fatally injured in 2020/21, which is a 43% increase year on year.

This emphasises the importance of employers consulting with their employees or representatives on Health & Safety matters.

It’s important that employers provide information to their employees and listen to their views, concerns and ideas. It’s proven that consulting and engaging with your employees, can lead to fewer accidents and incidents, better quality and productivity, a more highly motivated workforce, and a lower turnover of staff.

In our latest episode, Citation’s Health & Safety Manager, Michael Brown, gives his top tips to help you access the advantages of better Health & Safety communication. This includes:

  • What you need to do to ensure you’re complying with the law
  • Creating an open-door policy ensure you and your employees can communicate effectively
  • How to communicate your safety measures when bringing people back
  • Ensuring your people are up to date and fully trained to ensure you pass a HSE inspection
  • Plus, much more!

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