A guide to good sleep for shift workers

Work isn’t just confined to the typical 9-5 pattern many of those in office jobs tend to keep. In fact, millions of people in the UK work shifts spread across all hours of the day and night.

We all know that there’s nothing like a good night’s sleep. And that’s never truer than for those who work shifts. Good sleep aids productivity, motivation and overall wellbeing. And productive, happy people make for great workplaces.

So, whether you run a care home, a transport business or a security service, are you making sure your colleagues are getting enough good quality sleep?

We’ve put together this exclusive free guide covering everything you and your people need to know about creating a great sleep routine while working shifts. In it we cover the impact of shift work on sleep patterns, the fundamentals of good sleep, tips on managing sleep when working shifts and your responsibilities as an employer.

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