Employer rights and responsibilities in the UK

Did you know that candidates have rights before they’re even employed? Did you also know that a lapsed probationary period is a passed probationary period?

From recruitment, interview prep and contracts of employment, to working time regulations, discrimination and disciplinaries, we’ve covered all you need to know about employer rights and responsibilities in the UK.

What is in this guide?

In this guide we cover the following:

  • Recruitment

    Growing your business is an exciting prospect, and making sure the recruitment process runs smoothly is really important. From drafting the job description, right up to deciding on the perfect candidate, it’s important you follow each step with confidence, so we’ve outlined each one in our guide to employer rights and responsibilities in the UK.

  • Interview preparation

    The interview process is the first face-to-face contact you’ll have with potential candidates so it’s important you’re prepared. By asking the right questions and having the right materials with you, you’ll be more than ready for interviewing.

  • Employment contracts

    Making sure everything is properly outlined in your employment contracts sets you up to succeed from the beginning! From paid holidays and sick leave, all the way to conducting investigations and information on managing disciplinaries, our guide outlines in detail what you should have stated in your employment contracts.

  • National Minimum Wage and National Living Wage

    Each financial year, the National Minimum Wage and National Living Wage changes. To make sure you’re paying your people the right amount, we’ve outlined the latest figures.

  • Employee rights

    It’s important you familiarise yourself with your employee’s statutory rights like the right to a payslip, holiday entitlement, grounds for unfair dismissal etc. so you remain compliant and fair to all of your employees.

  • Discrimination

    Discrimination can be a difficult topic to manage as an employer, and you must make sure you take all reasonable steps to prevent discrimination in your business. To make sure you’re doing everything you can to avoid discrimination and comply with the Equality Act (2010), we’ve covered the key information in our free guide to employer rights and responsibilities in the UK.

  • Statutory Sick Pay (SSP)

    Employers are required to pay employees who are eligible for SSP if they are off ill, but you should note that not all employees are eligible. Make sure to read our guide so you know which employees can claim for SSP and what your options are for those who can’t.

  • Disciplinaries

    Making sure you have an effective disciplinary procedure in place is key to making sure your business runs smoothly and that your employees are treated fairly and equally. We’ve recommended the most important points you should include so you’re confident in managing your disciplinaries.

  • Regular reviews

    When it comes to reviewing your employee’s performance, an annual appraisal is simply not enough. In an age of social media, where people are used to getting continuous feedback in real-time, we’ve outlined how often you should hold an appraisal and what the benefits are in our free guide rights and responsibilities in the workplace for UK employers.

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