What COVID means for your Christmas Party

The work Christmas party is an exciting event that gives employers and employees a chance to look back on the year and celebrate individual and business success. This annual event is also the perfect opportunity for employees to get together, enhance morale, and boost team spirit – something they might have missed out on last year because of COVID restrictions.

The Omicron variant and a rise in COVID cases however has put employers in a tricky position of deciding whether or not to cancel the Christmas party and we understand you probably feel like you’re at a crossroad.

Although you and some of your employees might be keen to go ahead with the Christmas bash, a few people might be hesitant especially if they’re spending time Christmas with vulnerable family members, so it can be difficult deciding what to do.

Our HR and Employment Law experts have answered some of the most common questions we’ve recently received in our latest guide, including:

  • Can you only ask that only vaccinated employees attend the Christmas party?
  • Can you encourage, or make, employees take a lateral flow before attending?
  • If you can’t have a Christmas party, does this mean social events are off the cards altogether?

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