All UK workers have the statutory right to paid holidays.

The statutory minimum holidays are currently 5.6 weeks a year (including any bank holidays or public holidays that are taken).

It is the responsibility of the employer to set the rules surrounding holiday entitlement – notice time required, granting and refusing holiday time and holidays during the first year of work are all common areas where employers fail to make use of a staff handbook to communicate to employees.

Whilst legislation states that employees have a statutory entitlement to pay in lieu of any unused holidays when their employment ends, many employers do not realise that there is no corresponding statutory entitlement for employers to recoup pay for any holidays that have been ‘over-taken’. For this to happen, it must be written in to the employees employment contract.

Providing employment law support to businesses across the UK, Citation helps employers implement the correct employment contracts, including all the necessary detail surrounding holiday entitlement.

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