Boars Tye Care Home

Boars Tye is a residential care home based in Essex. It provides elderly residents with and without dementia with a homely place to live, home-cooked meals and afternoon activities.

We’re caring for them

Managing a care home is hard. From residents’ welfare and strict regulations, to managing employees and legal updates, there’s a lot to look out for. And that’s why we make it our mission to make sure they’re looked after too.

Clive Weir, Director of Boars Tye and Chairman at Essex Care Association, spoke: “For me, I only do business with people I like, and what I’ve liked about Citation from the first time I met them is that I could tell they were a company that cared about people. They cared about us, and they cared about our business.”

Ready for regulation

The care sector is a highly regulated industry, which can take precious time away from the day-to-day running of a business. Luckily, Boars Tye have us helping them stay ahead of the game.

Clive said: “There are so many areas of new regulations coming in all of the time and it’s really helpful to have a specialist organisation on board that you have confidence in, and let you know what you’ve got to do, and when you’ve got to do it.”

They ask, we solve

Here at Citation, we pride ourselves on putting our clients first, something Clive can certainly testify to: “What we really like is that as soon as we’ve got anything we want to discuss about our staff, we ring Citation.

“I love that the first thing they say to us is ‘what outcome do you want?’. And the outcome we almost always want is good relationships with our staff, and they work with us to get that.”

Help when they need it most

We get that the world of HR & Employment Law can be tough to keep on top of. We also get that employees aren’t the enemy. And that’s why we’re here to help you through tricky situations – without the tension.

Clive said: “On one occasion I rang up, and I said I ‘don’t think this member of staff is going to change. We employed her but her twin sister turned up, and we need to really terminate this person’s employment’.

“Citation said okay, we’ll send you a letter, and sure enough the way they handled it ended with this person leaving, but on good terms. Now I think that’s a real result. That you can actually terminate a person from your employment but still be on good terms.”


We understand that attaining and maintaining CQC compliance can be complicated, and that’s why we created CQC Pro – to strip out the stress.

Clive spoke: “We started using CQC Pro after our last inspection. What I liked about it when I first looked into it was that it not only identifies all the key lines of enquiry and all of the subdivisions of that, but then you can go into your resources and for each subdivision of the key lines of enquiry, you’ve got all of the resources that you need at your fingertips.

“It also gives you templates and ideas on how to get started on a question. Sometimes, your mind just blanks on these forms, and CQC Pro will just give you that prompt to get going, and then you’re away.”

They’ve got our back

The million dollar question: would they recommend us? It’s a yes from Clive!

He spoke: “I’d recommend Citation because I’ve looked into a number of other organisations and they seem to have this view that the owners and employees are always at odds with each other, and that one of them is the enemy to the other – but I don’t work like that. We are a team, and I think Citation see that just as well as I do.

“When we ring up, Citation’s whole attitude is how can we work with you to make the team better.”

Citation in one sentence

“A company that cares about us and cares about our business.”

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