Crocker Brothers

Crocker Brothers

Crocker Brothers is a family run, nationwide marquee hire company, with more than 70 years’ experience in the industry. They specialise in festivals, corporate events and temporary buildings, and pride themselves on their experienced, efficient and friendly staff.

Life before Citation

When it comes to running a business, Health & Safety can often fall on the back-burner – we’re not oblivious to that, but that’s why we’re here to help.

Ian Lucas, Director at Crocker Brothers, said: “As a small management team there are only so many hours in the day, and as much as you’re trying to put everything into place and have all the eggs in one basket, certain things take priority and the marquees make us the money, the lorries are a necessity to get us to the site, and Health & Safety probably fell third in line.

“As much as we thought we had everything covered, it’s only when you take the advice from a company like Citation that you realise there are things missing, and it was good to get them on board to start to point us in the right direction and to be a back-up to us.”

Working in partnership

Here at Citation, we pride ourselves on our cohesive and collaborative approach to Health & Safety – something Crocker Brothers can certainly testify to.

“From the legal element of Health & Safety to the online training, support, the training they’ve come on site to give us and the paperwork that was a minefield for us, it’s like having employees working for us to take that responsibility from us,” Ian spoke.

“With an engineering workshop and all the on-site labourers we have, getting the relevant training, paperwork, method statements and safe working procedures all in place and all legal and current was a huge weight off our shoulders, and to know that we’re all compliant rather than thinking we’re compliant is a great reassurance to us.”

A life without Citation

“We’d start to slip back into bad habits. Having Citation’s yearly audits, our consultant constantly dropping us emails with the latest regulations and accreditations that we need to be doing, and the daily emails from Atlas telling us what training needs to be done, is just a gentle nudge to us all the time,” Ian said.

Adding: “It’s that 24 hours a day reassurance, and the 24 hours a day nudging of where we need to be. Without Citation, I’d be very wary that we’d fall back into third place for Health & Safety if we weren’t careful.”

Their seal of approval

So, the all-important question: would they recommend Citation to other businesses?

“Absolutely. To lots of businesses, Health & Safety doesn’t generate you money as a daily resource of earnings, but without that backing, you’ll be exhausting money away through the back door in other ways, so I definitely would and have recommend Citation to other companies.”

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