North Farm Stud

North Farm Stud

"I would recommend Citation to other businesses, and have, because of the huge load it takes from me on a daily basis and knowing that I have their back-up at all times.”

North Farm Stud (NFS) is a family owned business, and specialises in providing first-class, tailormade care to each and every one of the horses it houses.

Saving on time, money and staff

Since teaming up with us, NFS no longer has the need to employ a HR person in-house. Instead, they rely on us. Grace Muir, Stud Manager at NFS, said: “Citation are always there when I pick up the phone, and they’re always ready to help with a good answer and act very swiftly.

“The time that it’d take to put in place someone to take over what Citation does would be huge, and the money that I’d spend to have somebody with that knowledge would also be much greater than I pay them for a top service.”

By their side

With us on board, Grace has peace of mind knowing that we’re here to help and support her through anything and everything.

Grace spoke: “A specific account of something that Citation’s helped me with is an apprentice who left and went to a tribunal saying that it was through jury service and that I’d sacked him.

“I was given a lot of support by Citation during my initial contact and then passed onto the people who deal with court proceedings. I found the whole procedure very difficult because morally it was wrong as someone was lying.

“But Citation helped me with that and they helped me to go down the right path. Without them, it would have cost an awful lot of money and also maybe gone the wrong way.”

Approachable and knowledgeable

“They deal with things in the way that you want them to deal with them and taper their replies so that they actually sound like they’re coming from yourself. They’re very, very knowledgeable about their subject.”

Here at Citation, we pride ourselves on our values, and the depth of experience and knowledge our consultants possess. Something Grace is all too familiar with: “I’d describe the consultants as really approachable and on your level.


“They’re very, very knowledgeable about their subject.”

Our breadth

From employee contracts and handbooks to disputes that are swiftly resolved, Grace utilises a variety of our Employment Law services.

And that’s not all we have to offer. We help our clients with everything from discrimination and dismissals, to holiday entitlements and employee engagement.


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