Selo are leading suppliers of concealed, sliding and riser door systems. Their mission is simple: to simplify innovative door designs for architects, developers and contractors.

Due to their success, they’ve been continually growing for some time now, and have doubled their employee count in the last three years alone.

"Citation is consistent, reliable, trustworthy and exceptionally outstanding. They really have transformed our approach to Health & Safety."

Their pain points

Before Selo joined us, their Health & Safety provider caused them constant challenges. Rhys Hibbert, Project Manager at Selo, said: “They gave us the impression they couldn’t cope with our growth.

“We had problems with creating the required documents. The number of templates they provided us with were limited, and we found ourselves having to re-invent the wheel every time.

“We also found ourselves having to remind our previous provider to come and visit us each year, instead of them chasing us. And, shockingly, they were telling us that they were on top of our risk assessments and that we had nothing to worry about, but when we looked into it, they’d not been updated for three years!”

Success with Citation

Since teaming up with us, all those woes have gone away though. Rhys spoke: “Citation have been fantastic. They provide us with the full structure and support package, and their 24/7 advice line is invaluable to us.

“When we need to create a document, their online system – Atlas – has over 800 templates to choose from, which has saved us masses of admin time and streamlined the process of producing bespoke risk assessments.”

Rhys added: “Their consultants are very proactive and knowledgeable, and provide us with great reassurance that we’re on top of all our paperwork.”

Help when they needed it most

Here at Citation, we pride ourselves on always being by our clients’ side – whenever they need us, something Rhys can certainly testify to.

“We once had an incident whereby an employee suffered a medical emergency,” Rhys said. “Although it happened during work hours and on the premises, it wasn’t actually a result of any specific work they were doing.

“We got on to Citation’s advice line and they provided us with support throughout the aftermath of the incident, and gave use excellent advice on how we could protect the employee for future tasks in our production facility.”

Another issue Rhys recalled was our assistance when Selo wanted to implement weekend working combined with lone working, while ensuring all employees present could operate machinery alone – safely.

“I rang the advice line and was given complete support throughout the process of creating risk assessments and policies. This was hugely reassuring in knowing that all work was planned for, and that any lone workers were in a safe environment.”

Unrivalled value

For Rhys, our regular site visits, online templates and 24/7 access to experts are invaluable.

“Citation’s consultants are highly experienced, very well trained and really friendly. They’re incredibly thorough with their report writing and provide excellent support both in person and by email and phone,” Rhys said.

Adding: “I’d certainly recommend them to other businesses, they really have transformed our approach to Health & Safety.”

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