Employment Law Consultants Manchester

Employment Law Consultants Manchester

We help Manchester businesses (like you) to get HR & Employment Law basics right with one simple package

Your staff are your business’ greatest asset. But not everything always goes to plan with people management, which can take your focus away from what really matters to your business. 

So, let’s take that off your hands. Citation provides leading, no-nonsense HR & Employment Law services for Manchester businesses like yours. 

You don’t need to work your way through tricky legislation and tedious paperwork. Just get us on the case. 

Our top-notch support package helps you whenever you need it. You’ll get your HR documentation created alongside 24/7 advice from friendly Manchester Employment Law consultants. And if a crisis pops up – like tricky disciplinaries or employment tribunal claims – we’ll defend your business, pay any awards, and get you back on the right path. You’ll also get instant access to our online HR management hub, Atlas, at no extra cost!

Employment Law services in Manchester: your local partners

We want to be your Employment Law partner – always there when you need us. No overcomplicated jargon. Just straightforward advice from our Manchester Employment Law consultants, barristers and solicitors.  

  • 24/7 HR advice line – No matter the urgency, you can call us. Whether you need a quick bit of advice or have a major HR issue, you know where we are. Our Manchester Employment Law experts will give you practical, jargon-free advice, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • Advice guarantee – Followed our advice? We’ll defend you against employment tribunal claims and pay any awards or settlements, providing you’ve supplied us with all the information and facts relevant to the case. You’ll be covered for up to £1.5 million per year. See our guarantees to find out more.
  • HR documentation – Hand the paperwork over to us. We’ve got you! Handbooks, contracts, and policies – you name it, our consultants will create it for you. They’ll even upload them to Atlas, and keep them up to date, so you have everything in one place. 
  • Commercial advice – Sometimes you may want the quickest outcome for your business. We understand that. So, if you decide to follow any of the commercial routes that our Manchester-based Employment Law experts have discussed and advised, then we’ll cover the cost of your defense if any tribunal claim comes from it. And that includes the first day of representation.
  • Online HR management hubAtlas – Log sickness and annual leave, assign and track training, explore thousands of templates and resources (absolutely free!), store and distribute documents, and more, all in one cloud-based hub. It’s never been easier!

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Why is our HR & Employment Law support trusted by over 14,000 UK businesses?

We’ve got your back

Working with our Employment Law & HR consultants gets you ready for anything. In fact, our clients are sixteen times less likely to be taken to tribunal than the national average.

We build better workplaces

Join the workplace revolution. 85% of our clients say they have a happier, healthier, more productive team thanks to working with us*.

We take care of the worry

You didn’t go into business to stress about HR & Employment Law, did you? And, believe us, you don’t have to. 92% of Citation clients say working with us gives them more peace of mind*.

We put more time on the clock

You don’t need more hours in the day to tackle your to-do list. You just need more time spent on what matters to you and your business – and 85% of our clients say they save that kind of valuable time*.

*Based on a 2022 survey of over 600 Citation clients


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