Working Time Regulations can be a bit of a minefield.

When resources are stretched and you're trying to grow your business it can sometimes feel that the legislation is making life harder for you.

Something that determines the maximum weekly working time, pattern of work and holidays, as well as daily and weekly rest periods, can seem impossible to balance with client and customer demands and internal resources.

We have the knowledge to help you get this right. To help you make it work within the business plans and objectives you have, without it costing you more money or time. In short, we'll transform things for you.

Our team of qualified solicitors and HR professionals will start by understanding what you're doing and trying to achieve.

We'll then take a good look at everything asking questions about time off, rest breaks, paid annual leave and anything else that's relevant to your business.

We'll even look at specific regulations that relate to Health & Safety practices, such as the maximum weekly working time limit, night working and health assessments.

But it's not all about hot air and questions. We provide solutions too.

Whether you have a specific problem you need us to solve or want to put some better working practices in place. We're there. Right by your side.

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