Everything You Need to Know About the Good Work Plan


Have you heard of the Good Work Plan yet? It was set to affect almost every business in the country when its policies came into force on 6 April 2020.

What is The Good Work Plan?

Dubbed ‘one of the biggest shake ups of employment law in a generation’ The Good Work Plan came about as a result of an independent review, known as the Taylor Review of Modern Working Practices in July 2017.

Most of the 53 recommendations put forward in the Taylor review were accepted in principle by the government. This resulted in a number of consultations on how these proposals could be successfully implemented. This culminated in the government’s Good Work Plan, which they claimed is their ‘vision for the future of the UK labour market.’

What changes have already been made?

Back in April 2019 the Government introduced the following:

  • The right to a payslip has been extended to cover all workers – as well as employees
  • Payslips must now outline hours worked for hourly-paid
  • An increase in the maximum penalty for ‘aggravated breaches of employment law’

What changes happened in April 2020?

Don’t worry, here at Citation, our HR & Employment Law experts have you covered.

We’ve put together a collection of blogs, videos and helpful tips that will help you get to grips with the Good Work Plan, as well as let you know what’s on the horizon in the future.

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Do you have a summary containing the main points of the Good Work Plan?

Yes! Read our blog post which contains an overview of the Good Work Plan

Where can I read about the Good Work Plan in-depth?

We have put together a whitepaper, which contains in-depth information about the Good Work Plan. You can read it here

How do you define employment status?

When it comes to those that work for you, how confident are you that you can define their employment status? Do you review your contract types on a regular basis? Whether it’s an employee, a worker or a self-employed person, Citation’s Head of Employment Law, Gillian McAteer, discusses how employment status is defined in Employment Law and how to start working out the employment status of those working for you.
Watch the video right here:

Both parties have agreed the employment status of the worker, does that mean I need to review their employment status?

This is one of the biggest misconceptions around defining employment status. Our Head of Employment Law, Gillian McActeer discusses the misconceptions of defining employment status in this short video.

Do you have a quick visual guide of what's changing?

I know the Good Work Plan will affect my business but I don't know where to start. Can you help me?

Don't worry, we are here to help. A good first step would be to take a look at the 10 key questions to ask yourself if your business uses self-employed individuals.

Can employment status change over time?

Yes, and this is very important to bear in mind. Watch this short video where our Head of Employment Law, Gillian McAteer discusses how employment status can change. Gillian also discusses two hypothetical examples of a worker in the care sector and the construction industry.

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