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How social media is impacting recruitment

It’s no surprise that social media’s becoming increasingly prevalent in recruitment. In fact, 92% of recruiters say they now use...

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Sleep-ins: government extends temporary suspension of enforcement activity

As you’re probably already aware, following the outcome of the ‘Mencap case’, care providers warned the government that HMRC’s current...

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How often should Health & Safety training be refreshed?

Unfortunately, this isn’t a simple, set term answer. The frequency training needs to be refreshed will depend on a number...

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Social media dismissal – gone wrong

Social media’s encroaching into our lives more and more every day, so it’s only natural it extends into the workplace...

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Not so safe work places

Whether you’re in charge of a construction site, manufacturing plant, call centre or veterinary practice, every single employee under your...

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How to stop employees procrastinating on social media

Social media’s unarguably a massive part of modern day society. Whether it’s sending selfies on snapchat, catching up on celebrity...

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Employees posting inappropriately on social media

Employees who publish inappropriate posts on social media can, at worst, be dismissed. As with most things though, there are...

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Social media: 8 things to consider before posting

This month, to celebrate Instagram’s seventh birthday, we’re focusing on social media in the workplace. To get the ball rolling,...

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How much notice has to be given during probation periods

You don’t have to have probation periods, however, they are recommended. If an employee’s in their probation period and chooses...

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