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Suspended sentence for pub landlord who ignored safety rules

A landlord has been handed an eight-month suspended prison sentence after his Dorset pub failed to meet fire safety regulations....

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How to handle a toxic termination

Terminating an employee’s employment is never nice. When that process turns toxic though, it can become increasingly taxing. So, to...

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How to prevent legionella

Legionella can be fatal, so it’s perhaps no surprise it’s something no business owner wants. To help you proactively prevent...

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How do you hold a disciplinary hearing?

When it comes to holding disciplinary hearings, following a fair and lawful process is a must. So, to help you...

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8 reasons valued employees leave – and how to keep them

Valued employees are, well, invaluable to your business. From putting in more discretionary effort and caring about your success to...

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5 facts you need to know about fire extinguishers

Fire extinguishers play a fundamental part in minimising the effects fire can cause – but only if you ensure they’re...

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How to choose the right contractor for electrical work

Did you know, as many as 30% of businesses have chosen an unregistered electrician to complete work for them, to...

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Could you afford a £500,000 fine?

A construction company has been handed fines of more than half a million pounds after one of its tipper vehicles...

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What evidence is needed when reporting an accident?

In 2016/17 alone, there were 609,000 workplace injuries* in the UK – that’s a lot of accidents. While your number...

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