Employment Law and Health & Safety News Round Up Dec 2013

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VOSA have roadside examiners who have the authority to issue on the spot fines, immobilise vans (if on the spot fine is not paid) and stop overloaded vans with serious mechanical faults.

Depending on the circumstance of the breaching of the law, the consequences could result in an unlimited fine or even 14 years in prison. To help drivers adhere to current laws VOSA have released some recommendations. Some of the recommendations are as follows:

  • Drivers should ensure vans do not exceed the axel and gross limits and that goods are loaded correctly and safely.
  • Drivers should be aware of what the class of the van they are driving is.
  • Drivers should ensure that there their licences are valid and entitle them to drive the category vehicle that they own.
  • Drivers should check that their vehicles are taxed MOT’d and insured

More detailed guidance on how to keep vans legal can be found on the government’s website (www.gov.uk) by searching VOSA, where there is a handy ‘van walk around checklist’.

Employment Law

  • Police officers sue Greater Manchester Police for racial discrimination

Three police officers serving for the Greater Manchester Police Force who are from an ethnic minority have made allegations against the internal affairs department.

The three Asian officers where recently suspended or put on restricted duties whilst the internal affairs department for Greater Manchester police probed them for gross misconduct.

The officers in question claim that the PRB (Professional Standards Branch) ignored evidence which would have cleared them of any wrong-doing.

Whilst the Greater Manchester Police believe the claims are unfounded, if guilty they could find themselves undergoing a criminal investigation, being internally disciplined or receiving education.

  • Royal Mail and union leaders reach deal averting Christmas strike

A Christmas post strike has been averted by Royal Mail after a deal was arranged between them and union leaders.

Talks had to be extended on three occasions but eventually the Royal Mail reached an agreement with the Communication Workers Union on pay, legal protections, industrial stability and pensions.

Union members originally rejected an 8.6% pay rise as well as £300 lump sum payment back in July. Royal mail are believed to have improved on the 8.6% rise previously offered as well as making further improvements to pensions and working conditions.

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