Fees for Intervention to Stay

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The HSE has confirmed that the Fee for Intervention scheme has been effective, and should remain in place.

In a press release last week, the HSE revealed a report recognised that the scheme has been implemented ‘consistently and fairly’ since it started in October in 2012.

Judith Hackitt, Chair of HSE, said:

“Both HSE and the Government believe it is right that those who fail to meet their legal health and safety obligations should pay our costs, and acceptance of this principle is growing. This review gives us confidence that FFI is working effectively and should be retained. We will continue to monitor the performance of Fee for Intervention to ensure it remains consistent and fair.”

The Fee for Intervention scheme was introduced to shift the cost of regulating Health & Safety in the workplace to the businesses who do not comply with regulations, rather than being a cost that’s met by public money.

The report concluded that: “[FFI] has proven effective in achieving the overarching policy aim of shifting the cost of health and safety regulation from the public purse to those businesses who break health and safety laws.”

Alastair Hall, Head of Health & Safety at Citation, stated:

“The introduction of Fee for Intervention (FFI) has had a strong impact on Health & Safety in the work place across a variety of business sectors. Creating awareness of the FFI scheme has taken time and effort, but the majority of businesses are now aware they have a duty to meet Health & Safety regulations, and that if they don’t, there will be financial penalties where material breaches occur.”

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